Influencer marketing is now a key part of the marketing mix.

A recent study found that consumers in the UK, aged between 18 and 30, were 5 times more likely to purchase something promoted by an influencer.

We work with a number of networks in the games and entertainment industries to provide a robust, targeted, transparent exposure to the key influencers.

We work differently to most influencer networks in that we manually outreach to both our influencer partners as well as those companies that we choose to work with.

Our approach is not to bombard our partners with ridiculous products and offers that just won’t generate revenue.  We believe that a quality influencer campaign should be mutually beneficial.

We avoid handing out affiliate type links as we know the influencers don’t like these much and the tracking can be “flakey” at best.

If you’d like to talk to us as either an influencer looking for high quality, predominantly video game related products OR as a brand wishing to work with our influencers, then please do drop us a quick email.

We always prefer to do things over the phone, but it’s best to email us first.