So what exactly is CSL MEDIA?

We are a partnerships business.

If you work at a video games publisher then you’ve probably heard of us.  If you haven’t then someone at your company probably will have.

We work with a select group of clients to further their video games and entertainment exposure.

Due to the way we work, we tend not to shout about our projects, we just get on with delivering.

Some of our projects include;

Self publishing of worldwide console promotions:

We worked with the 2 largest console manufacturers in all of the largest territories around the world. We signed exclusive development and publishing licenses to deliver millions of end-user promotions.

FREE apps promotion:

We worked with one of the UK’s largest games publishers to deliver a high volume of free apps to end-users via the Apple store.

Film promotion:

We delivered an end-user media promotion which we developed in conjunction with one of the largest film franchises in the world and one of the best known drinks brands in Europe.

How do you work?

We open up partnership agreements between, mostly, video games publishers and international brands/ advertisers.

We manage the project and deliver results.

Having worked in the video games industry for many years we have contacts and resources that we access in order to deliver results.